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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Plumbing Problems

This was a few years ago but I want to post it to show the need for a place for businesses to communicate with one another.

The Market House was having big problems with their drains. They were clogged and filled up with grease. They had to replace a section of their plumbing and it cost a pretty penny.

A few weeks earlier, the same thing had happened to The Whole Darn Thing. Again, it cost them a lot of money.

A few weeks before that, the Kepler building had to replace a lot of their plumbing.

Why did all these businesses have the same problem?

The grease from some of the businesses, up the hill, was traveling down hill. When it hit the flat area around the Market House it started working its way into the plumbing of the businesses.

In the end, the city had to clean out the line.

By looking at all the pieces as a whole instead of as individual pieces, we were able to pinpoint the problem.

By looking at parking as a whole instead of as individual pieces, we can solve the problem.

By looking at the problems of moving the Court House away from all the lawyers offices that are located around the existing building and recognizing the impact of that move on the whole instead of the single idea of it being more space, we can solve the problem by moving other aspects of County Government out of the existing Court House.

Without sharing information with each other we cannot solve the problems that need to be solved.

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