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Thursday, December 5, 2013

'Twas the Holiday Season in Downtown Meadville.

'Twas the Holiday season and all through the stores
We waited for people to come through the doors
The decorations were hung in the windows with care
In the hopes that the shoppers soon would be there

The downtown seemed quiet as we scanned all the streets
With big stores on the hill we struggled to compete
Watching in dismay as the cars drove on by
The mom and pop owners give out a slight sigh

When out from the sidewalk we heard a great sound
The jingle of coins as a quarter was found
The parking was paid by a customer so dear
We all held our breath as they started to near

Although we had asked the parking to be free
We were informed this year twas not to be
Our holiday shoppers would have to pay
And we were afraid this would keep them away

But to our delight they reach the front door
With hope in their eyes they enter the store
Searching for something special this year
For people in their lives they hold so dear

"For Jacob... For Sarah .... For Kathy and Milly"
Now Abby ... And Becky.... And Tommy and Billy"
To the back of the store, to the top of the shelves
Now shop away, shop away away elves

Finding treasures for the large and the small
We help our customers find gifts for them all
Our goal is quite simple as it is every year
Fill each shoppers heart with Holiday Cheer

Then in a twinkling I hear from the street
A second coin dropping and more people to greet
As I walk to the door to welcome the shoppers
I let them all know of my holiday offers

They are dressed all in coats with boots on their feet
Snowflakes in their hair and slush from the streets
A purchase is made and they are given a sack
We hope that one day they will come back

The lights in the store twinkled, a bit brighter then before
I wish them Merry Christmas as the walk out the door
More shoppers come and hope fills the air
I see that under my Christmas tree will not be bare

These shops are owned by your neighbors and friends
We smile and wave while doing our errands
We all try our best throughout the whole year
But each holiday season there is a Friday to fear

This day now passed taking the frenzy with it
The shops in town are alive with the spirit
Small extra touches and sales met with a smile
Inviting the shoppers to browse and stay a while

Remember us downtown for those unique gifts
We have things for the "hard to buy for" lists
Experience Meadville! we WANT you you to visit!!
For your shopping convenience many accept debit

From all of us -to you and to yours
We send Warm Holidays Wishes Galore!!!
By h.r.

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