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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Zombie Walk & Dot Com

Hello DMBA members,
I would like to start working on our NEW Business Directory website. I would like you to look again at the websites we that we reviewed during our meeting.
Think Shadyside -
Nevada City Chamber -
(Ours will not be that elaborate, because we will be using a FREE host with limited templates.)
This Dot Com will be an 'inclusive' site with ALL of the businesses in Meadville's Downtown listed. Member listings will have hotlinks to either their Dot Com or to a social media site of their choosing. Member listings will also include street addresses and phone numbers.
We need a name!
My Meadville
Our Town Meadville
______________ Meadville
Our next meeting will be the second Thursday in September at 6:00 pm. Please bring your ideas to the meeting.

Zombie Walk
This will be a fund raiser for the local food bank. Participants will dress up like Zombies and walk the streets of Meadville. Zombies will bring cans of food with them and drop them off at the starting point of the walk.
If you go to our blog you will see a post that describes the Zombie Walk and what is required. The path will need to be discussed. Maybe starting at the Mall, walking up Center to Walnut, up Walnut to the Diamond. Down Chestnut to Park. This is where it gets tricky. We want them to walk in front of the Movie Theater and in front of @ the bank then back down Chestnut to in front of Tattered Corners then down Market so it goes in front of the Whole Darn Thing and then back up Market to walk in front of Confections Of A Cake Lover. In front of the Market House, back down Chestnut, and back to the Mall.
That was a big run-on sentence! We will need to discuss it with a map at the next meeting.
I also want to bring back 'Drop & Shop'. On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, we want people to come to Downtown Meadville to start their Christmas Shopping before Black Friday. The Drop aspect of 'Drop & Shop' is that people would drop of coats and canned goods to go to the Center For Family Services.
I think you are seeing the pattern. We promote our businesses and at the same time, we are supporting the local 'Non-Profits'.
One more thing. Everyone on this list needs to recruit new members. Have any new members send an email to

On the topic of parking. Two ideas were brought to me this morning.
1)  Businesses like the Pampered Palette and Hagen's Business Supplies have a need for a 'Vendor Parking Pass'. These businesses would have to meet certain requirements and there would need to be a form for them to fill out with the city. The idea is a reasonable one and much needed by those businesses the make frequent deliveries in the downtown.
2) Participating businesses would offer their customers a reimbursement for the meter. 25 cents. This would work for certain businesses that are not high volume. Many businesses already do this and it would be a great idea to have that in participating store fronts with the DMBA logo incorporated into the design of the flyer.
Please print this email out and hand it out to any potential new member. It will show them what this organization is all about.
Viki Allin
Creative Crust Bakery

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