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Friday, August 30, 2013

Questions regarding insurance.

To Andy Walker:
We did a lot of events with Make It Meadville. Do you know if those events needed to be covered by a private insurance policy?

The question of insurance has come up in regards to the things that DMBA is doing. Like the Quarter program that Tom implemented. And the Zombie Walk. This would have been no different than Johnny's Drive-In. Did Make It Meadville get private insurance for that?

From Viki Allin

To Viki Allin
Good morning, Viki.
Make It Meadville did NOT have private insurance.  Any insurance guy or lawyer will tell you that you should.  The challenge, of course, is that Make It Meadville or now DMBA was never developed to a formal  organization with bylaws, officers, or legal status (501 c3, for example).
For Johnny’s Drive-In, one might argue that any liability claims that might have arises would have become the responsibility of the Market Grille (which they wouldn’t like) or the City (which pays for liability insurance there because they own it).  If an insurance company wanted to fight a claim, they would certainly look toward the policies of other responsible parties.
I don’t see any liability in the Meter Feeder program, but the Zombie Walk could be a different story.  Again, if there was a liability claim against any one participating business or the City, most likely their insurance company would attempt to deflect the claim.
I’m not sure it should be a deal breaker, but worthy of conversation.  I’ll be curious to learn what you hear back from the law and insurance guys.
From, Andy Walker
Assistant City Manager/City Clerk
City of Meadville
894 Diamond Park
Meadville, PA  16335

Ph: (814) 724-6000

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