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Monday, August 26, 2013

Zombie Walk - October 19th 2013

Why a Zombie Walk? People like to dress up! They are no longer allowed to go Trick or Treating. CosPlay is held in far off cities and it costs a lot of money to go to one of those conventions. And, it's just plain fun. Whole families get involved in it.

Once we get all those people into the downtown, we want to get them into our establishments. Each theater needs to have something to offer all these people. Stores can have discounts or pass out candy.

Each business can have something totally unique to offer.

This is the First Annual Zombie Walk so there will be a bit of a learning curve and that's ok. It won't be perfect! But it's a start for the DMBA. To get people INSIDE our businesses. 

And who ever is in charge of weather, needs to make it a beautiful autumn day!

And remember, this is also a fund raiser. Each Zombies need to bring canned goods for the Food Bank. 


  1. Just confirming that October 19th is a firm date for the Zombie walk. Is there a small committee who is just focusing on this event?

    Thank you
    Chateau Christine

  2. Okay, so I have been researching this type event and if we really want to pull off a true blue Zombie Walk we need to offer the WALKING DEAD something more than a store discount. The cities that have been doing these events are really creative. I am sure you have a list of things, but this is my input that we should consider:

    Contests: to be held at Diamond Park
    The Zombie Olympics,
    Brain Eating Contest,
    Ugly Pageant
    Best Scream Contest.

    Rocky Horror Picture Show (Maybe the Academy Theater can show this show at 7pm)
    Lake Erie Film Festival, get involve
    Photo Booth
    Live Band

    Zombie Motorcycle Run
    Academy Theater
    French Creek Valley Theater

    Tickets are $15 for adults living and undead, and FREE for children 12 and under – but get yours before Friday, September 20 for an advanced price of just $10! Proceeds benefit the FOOD BANK,
    Pre-Pay tickets gets a t-shirt
    Have t-shirts for sale
    NEED Visitors Bureau and Chamber Involved!

    Just some thoughts!