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Monday, September 2, 2013

Agenda for 9-12-13 (May change a little)

September 12th Agenda.
Review the minutes of the previous meeting.

Old Business:
___  Review Parking issues.
___  Update everyone on the progress of the Blog and Facebook sites.
         -- These are members forums. Not meant for the general public. But the public is welcome.
___  Update everyone on the Dot Com progress.
         -- This is the general public site and can have it’s own Facebook page.
___  Discuss the names of the Dot Com.
         -- The advantages of using the name Make It Meadville and the short term disadvantages.

Between Meeting developments:
___  Tim Kirk creating a map for DMBA
         -- Advertising around the map
___  Tim Kirk creating a web site for DMBA
___  First Annual Zombie Walk
         -- Staggering events at the end of the walk.
___  Bring back the Annual Drop & Shop

New Business:
___  Discuss the need to have 2 meetings a month. The 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.
___  Present Insurance information
___  Member ‘Static Stickers’ to display at our place of business. (Tim)
         -- With QRL Codes to direct people with smart phones directly to our web site.
___  Advertising. What avenues do we use and how do we fund it.
         -- For the events.
         -- For DMBA

Future Business:
___  Develop a year round calendar of events
         -- Bring back the Soap box derby around the Diamond
         -- An Ice Cream Socal inside the Mall where the girl scouts, boy scouts, cheer leaders etc.
            can raise money. Maybe in conjunction with the St. Patricks Day parade.
___  Create a list of local charities to match each event
___  Plan meeting to learn about business topics such as Square and Google Circle. (Dan)
___  Have guest speakers like Senator Robbins or Michael L. Batchelor, President of the 
            Erie Community Foundation.
___  Adopt a store front. Get permission from building owners to create displays in the windows
            of their empty stores. Getting the grade school art departments involved.

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