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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How do we 'Brand' ourselves?

Let's start the conversation!

I hope everyone has or will watch the video on 'Branding' our community. It
will only be up on the web until the 27th. The main point of the video is,
what makes your community different from other communities.

In looking through our members list, I would say 'Art'. Not just the type
of art that is painted or drawn, but the type of art you can eat and drink
as well. Meadville is full of dance studios, and artisan breweries and
bakeries. There are exercise, yoga and massage businesses all over the

Meadville is also the county seat, full of health and human services.
Beautiful Bed and Breakfasts. Museums that show off the art of bygone
days.  And murals!

I think, that is what we need to brand.

What do you think?

The main point of the video is coming up with that thing that will draw outsiders to our community and what will bring our own residents back to our downtown.

The video gave a few examples. What do you think of when you hear the name:

What do you think of when you hear the name:

Tool & Die? Allegheny College? Meadville Medical?

How about the Market House, Academy Theatre, Baldwin Reynolds House, Johnson-Shaw Stereoscopic Museum, David Mead Log Cabin?

Then there are the businesses. Us! And what will bring more businesses like ours. 

We are entrepreneurs! We think differently and we take risks. We hone our crafts. We invest back into our businesses, back into the community. How do we want others to see us. What is that word, that phrase, that describes us, as a whole!

VooDoo Brewery, Jeron's Jewelers, Pineo Law, Whole Darn Thing, The Academy Theatre and the ARC. We have a common thread. Self motivated. Idealistic. Creative. 

 'We' are Meadville! 

Viki Allin
Creative Crust (Artisan) Bakery.

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