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Friday, September 13, 2013

Rich Thomas sent a post.

The degrade and demise of the Alliance.
I talked about this quite in depth last night with Brian after the meeting. I have seen this happen before and I believe it will happen again.
Not all of us are used to the hours per day you are. You are calling all of us together after our typical 8 hour day. Most of us are not young, and tired at that point. In short, I believe these meetings are too long, and twice a month will be too much. You can already tell by the early break up and duck out of individuals from the meetings. Believe me, when I saw the first one or two going I wanted to be up and out right with them, but would not do so out of respect for the rest of the group. (I was not also rude enough to state "get on with it or move on" like unmentioned others) This shows impatience and a meeting that is dragging too long
If somehow things we are covering could be shortened through email or some other way of communication I believe it would help.
Make it Meadville
I was in total disagreement with that name but kept quiet as no one else seemed to be. That name relates to me a doomed and failed organization I was part of to the final day of its existence. (Personally want to be no part of any organization destined to do this again) I also had no other suggestions to replace the suggested name with at the time which was another reason for my quiet. I suggest a variety of names rather than just one, and saying "how about this one?" It probably does appeal to others as they did not experience what we did. I am dumbfounded that Kay would even accept that as a name. I also agree that the comment made about two different names would be confusing. Not to all of us of course, but to some.Why not try to cover all?
In close
It think you have a good think started here as long as it does not center on resolving parking alone, and is widespread. I believe if DMBA is eventually large enough it could benefit all of us quite like Matteo suggested. Also, where are the other businesses? Has someone contacted them or emailed them asking them to come? For example, Dan Hunter was missing last night, pampered palate was mentioned as being in need of parking passes due to a problem they were having, but was anyone there to represent them? Dan Crandall says he wants to be a part of this, (possibly even getting our print work) where was he? A good point was made too, almost all of us were Chestnut St. businesses or within a very small district.
Lastly, every successful organization needs a structure of some sort. No matter how much you proclaim no one is in charge. Someone really is. I would suggest asking the group if they would like it run the way it is going or structure it somehow, the figure out who does what.
Feel free to copy and redistribute this as you wish, it is only opinion.
Take care

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